Battle of Talikota & Other Essays
Battle of Talikota & Other Essays

Battle of Talikota & Other Essays

About the Book

In the present book, Raghothama Rao has collated a number of extremely insightful articles of his in one place, for the benefit of the interested reader. The article on the engagement of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha with various Vijayanagar rulers is, for example, highly educative and is sure to lead the curious reader into more research due to the questions raised at the end of the write-up. The article on the relationship between Madhwa yatis and their “purvashrama” mothers is again a treat to read. But the magnum-opus of this book is truly the article on the Battle of Talikota that led to the annihilation of the Vijayanagar Empire. A vivid, and stage-by-stage, narration of the entire incident is both highly informative as well as emotionally evocative. It is a testimony to the research and narrative capabilities of the author.

Genre: History
Publisher: Pragna Creative Solutions
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: B079M83R8L
ISBN: 1980212597
List Price: INR 100
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