Concept Development



Concept is the building-block or the foundation for any successful program or series. But there are hurdles in choosing the right concept.

There is a multitude of subjects with varied target audience. Also, there is a plethora of ideas that may not be taking the shape of a concrete concept. Or it could so happen that there is a clear idea and concept but not able to figure out how to proceed or where to proceed?

Now, there is no need for any production house/team to worry about the ‘starting problem.’

Pragna Creative Solutions provides “Concept Development” service that can help the production houses/teams to choose a particular concept to proceed with a tailor-made solution to reach its target audience.

Some of the Concepts developed:

Jeevana Veda (for Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel – 2 Kannada)

 Jeevana Veda is a unique concept developed for SVBC-2 wherein healthcare experts bridge the gap between science and traditions/customs.

This program offers vital insights to the viewers as to how they can improvise their lifestyle in a healthy way.



Watch an episode here: 

Gruha Lakshmi (for Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel – 2 Kannada):

“Gruha Lakshmi” is a women-oriented concept wherein the Gruhinis share their experiences as home-makers, protectors of culture and mentors for future generation.




Watch an episode here: 


“Kalpavruksha” is a unique quiz show for children. It starts with an ‘ice breaker’ idea of choosing a favourite fruit from ‘Kalpvruksha.’ After engaging the kids in a lighter talk, Quiz Master slowly enables them to take questions & figure out the answers.



Watch an episode here: 


Guruvani is a novel concept in modern times as it tries to connect the ancient Gurupeethams with public at large through an interaction with the heads of Peethams.

This program touches up on the age old practices and modern outlook. It also strives to strike a balance between the two seemingly opposite ends of the society.


Watch an episode here: