Content Writing



Content is the King. Queen & Ultimate Ruler of the vast empire of Infotainment.

No worthy content – no large audience.

Content can make or break the dreams of production houses. It must be original, authentic and useful in one way or other to the end consumers. A loosely framed content can undo the entire hard-work put in by the production houses.

Pragna Creative Solutions, with its seasoned content writers, is all your help in providing novel & unique contents written in lucid language.

Here are some of the multi-lingual content/script writing projects done by us.


Palle Govindam

Palle Govindam is a unique concept that showcases the cultural & spiritual angles of a village. It is a challenging task to provide content in a simple language understandable to villagers & also explain the Vedantic angle behind the customs they follow.

Krishna Teeramlo Ayurvedam:

This is research based program wherein the development of Ayurveda along River Krishna’s coast has been capsuled in an half-an-hour episode.

Deepam Jyotih Parabrahma (Kannada):

This episode presents the various facets of the concept of “Deepam” in Hindu tradition.